As fast-fashion has grown to dominate the clothing industry, companies have strayed away from prioritizing convenience and versatility. At DIVIZN, our mission is to reject the practices of modern fashion giants. We bring together the utility of reversible clothing with timeless and stylish designs that will be sure to stay out of the back of your closet.


The idea for DIVIZN was incepted in Utah. We believe in diversifying modern fashion in a way that promotes the wellbeing of our customers, but also the environments around us. With one of the highest density states for national parks and varying climate, we value versatility. We strive to create products that can be used in the snow drifts of the Rockies or the sand dunes of Zion National Park without sacrificing style, comfort, and affordability. 


We believe in transparency. We hate the idea of a 9-5. We like to travel. We like freedom. We like flexibility. We give our employees unlimited PTO for unlimited adventures. We pride ourselves on not following the herd, trying to always differentiate from all other brands, and bringing you the best products possible.
- Ben and Lauren